Cute Birthstone Baby Feet Engraved Nameplate Couple Necklace Cheap Price

Cute Birthstone Baby Feet Engraved Nameplate Couple Necklace Cheap Price
Cute Birthstone Baby Feet Engraved Nameplate Couple Necklace Cheap Price
Cute Birthstone Baby Feet Engraved Nameplate Couple Necklace Cheap Price

Cute Birthstone Baby Feet Engraved Nameplate Couple Necklace Cheap Price

Model: name necklace-20160045
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This is a unique hand-crafted custom necklace, which is hard and bright, not easy to fade. The chain size can be selected according to your needs, the overall style is consistent with the picture.
Necklace weight: 0.01-0.1kg
Optional necklace color: gold/silver/rose gold
Overall size of the necklace: from 14 to 32 inches for you to choose
Design style: simple and fashion
Product shape size: between 2 cm and 5 cm
Pendant thinness: about 0.2 cm
Chain material: titanium steel
Chain item type: box chain
Gold plating process: fully automatic seamless seamless plating
Sales area: global
Product packaging: goose feather bag or jewelry box
For the crowd: everyone

Customer Reviews

  • My daughter has had this necklace now for about 2 weeks, wearing it every day without taking it off, including showers and it still looks good and has not broken. She is very pleased with this purchase.
  • Shadiamond Green - customerSunday 22 April, 2018

  • I ordered a name necklace and as soon as I opened my package I was completely in awe of how beautiful it was! The chain is a very good quality, and the name was smooth, and amazing. I love it and would definitely recommend it to my friends. Especially for the price!
  • Breonna Holsey - customerWednesday 18 April, 2018

  • My necklace came out exactly how I ordered it and even came in a nice soft grey bag. It\'s made out of great material and doesn\'t rust or turn your skin green! I don\'t advise getting it wet or showering with it. If you take care of it, it will last.
  • Victoria Smith - customerFriday 13 April, 2018

  • SUPER CUTE! Love!!
  • Lashea Howard - customerMonday 09 April, 2018

  • I\'ve been wanting a name necklace for a while, and this one is perfect. I\'ve been wearing this necklace for 2 weeks straight--since it arrived in the mail--because I love it so much and it hasn\'t turned. It looks new, great quality. I want more!!!
  • Bryana Gomez - customerFriday 06 April, 2018

  • So cute and well made. I try not to sleep and shower in it because I\'m afraid it will tarnish, but I have done both many times and it\'s still perfect! Absolutely recommend it!
  • Keena Ware - customerMonday 02 April, 2018

  • Just take a lone time for delivery
  • Jordan Trexler - customerMonday 26 March, 2018

  • Was a little skeptical of what kind of quality of necklace I would receive and it wasn’t made of some cheap material. It seems pretty sturdy and the name came out really nice. So overall it was more then I expected.
  • Sara Garcia - customerWednesday 21 March, 2018

  • amazing 
  • Cheniya Parksam - customerFriday 16 March, 2018

  • I love it nice writing and everything
  • Elayna Franco - customerSaturday 10 March, 2018

  • Awesome love them!
  • Tiffany Gantt - customerSunday 04 March, 2018

  • Amazing necklace .. I love it so much
  • Aakajiah Brewer - customerTuesday 27 February, 2018

  • Excellent
  • China Dill - customerThursday 22 February, 2018

  • My Girlfriend absolutely loved it.
  • Abby Martinez - customerSunday 18 February, 2018

  • Love everything about my necklace.
  • Karynton Mitchell - customerFriday 09 February, 2018

  • Name necklace
  • Philip Steverson - customerSunday 04 February, 2018

  • I love it.. gonna order another.
  • Moriah Yoder - customerFriday 26 January, 2018

  • Great quality and you can style it up and down!
  • Jaydia Powell - customerSaturday 20 January, 2018

  • My boyfriend bought me this necklace with his name. I love it! I wear it every day and it is still in great condition!
  • Angie Santos - customerSunday 14 January, 2018

  • i love my new necklace it compliments my skin and outfits very well. i just wish it came faster then it did but that is fine!
  • Lily Petrosky - customerTuesday 09 January, 2018

  • Thank you so much I love it!!!!
  • Robert Trautman - customerWednesday 03 January, 2018

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