Personalized Butterfly Custom Mom Necklaces With Children\'s/Kids Names

Personalized Butterfly Custom Mom Necklaces With Children\'s/Kids Names
Personalized Butterfly Custom Mom Necklaces With Children\'s/Kids Names
Personalized Butterfly Custom Mom Necklaces With Children\'s/Kids Names

Personalized Butterfly Custom Mom Necklaces With Children's/Kids Names

Model: name necklace-20160002

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Free Shipping


Chain Length:


14/16/18/20/22/24/26 Inches




180 Days Don't Fade


Wear Occasions:


Any Occasion












60 Days Money Back




Laser Cutting




As Show


Pendant Thickness:


1.5 mm / 0.06 Inch


Extender Chain:


2 Inches




Velvet Bag Or Jewelry Box


Custom Time:


5 - 7 Business Days






Apply Gender:




Apply Age Range:


8 - 120 Years Old


Custom Couple Necklaces From,  We Are From USA, You Can Get Free Shipping In USA. All Of Our Name Necklaces Are Plated By 18K Real White Gold/ Yellow Gold/ Rose Gold, The Necklace Don't Fade In 180 Days If You Keep It Well. On The Other Hand, You Can Enjoy 60 Days Money Back Shopping Guarantee. The Price Is Really Factory Price, Of All The Peers, Our Price Is The Cheapest.


Customer Reviews

  • It\'s cute..
  • Ceirston Taylor - customerMonday 16 March, 2015

  • Love it great service
  • Saskia Wynter - customerSaturday 07 March, 2015

  • everything I wanted
  • Robert - customerThursday 05 March, 2015

  • Love! Gets snagged easily and is light in weight but for the price it is an excellent necklace!
  • Darlene - customerTuesday 17 February, 2015

  • I wear this every day and always get compliments. Also its so interesting to be introduced to people and then looking down at your chest before saying your name.It makes me memorable. The necklace stands out especially during job interviews
  • Nick Spatz - customerThursday 05 February, 2015

  • Love them thanks
  • Mauro - customerWednesday 14 January, 2015

  • The necklace is a new year gift and my friend really loves it .I am just glad to hear about that.
  • Kyle roskot - customerSaturday 03 January, 2015

  • Love it! It\'s the perfect size! It isn\'t big but ya big enough to be noticed and can be paired with other necklaces. I have worn it almost every day since it came in the mail weeks ago and it hasn\'t turned yet nor has my neck become irritated(I have sensitive skin).
  • Daysie Vargas - customerWednesday 17 December, 2014

  • I love it and you can\'t beat the price! I definitely recommend.
  • Darnell Terry - customerTuesday 09 December, 2014

  • Beautifully made and sturdy!
  • Georgianna - customerSaturday 22 November, 2014

  • I bought this necklace as a birthday gift for my friend. She absolutely loved it, she scared me because she said \"That\'s not how you spell my name\", i could see by her face and the way her eyes were shinning that she was really happy with this gift. It is a well made product and looks very elegant.
  • Kaprice Stewart - customerFriday 07 November, 2014

  • My daughter loves her necklace. It was for her 13th birthday. I couldn\'t be happier with how easy it was to order, get it on time and the quality.
  • Diisha Jackson - customerSunday 19 October, 2014

  • absolutely well made. Beautiful. The right size for a teenage girl. She loved it
  • Jenna Kidwell - customerMonday 06 October, 2014

  • It\'s perfect ! I\'ve had it for about two weeks and I love it so far ! I hope i don\'t regret this rating
  • Patterson - customerMonday 15 September, 2014

  • Just what we were looking for as a gift for my daughter\'s friend. Arrived quickly, came in a gift box already and looked to be great quality. Thanks!
  • Lashara Alexander - customerFriday 12 September, 2014

  • Friendly, fast, and accurate! My girls love their name necklaces.
  • Elizabeth Lockhart - customerTuesday 02 September, 2014

  • Sidney Chase
  • Kiana Hawkins - customerThursday 21 August, 2014

  • I\'ve been wanting a name necklace for a while, and this one is perfect.
  • Allura Lasley - customerThursday 07 August, 2014

  • This was packaged so very nicely. I loved everything about this necklace. It\'s beautifully made and perfect size. I will definitely buy this necklace again and again.
  • Haziel Pacheco - customerMonday 04 August, 2014

  • I\'ve been wearing this necklace for 2 weeks straight--since it arrived in the mail--because I love it so much and it hasn\'t turned. It looks new, great quality. I want more!!!
  • Jade Smith - customerSaturday 19 July, 2014

  • Everyone who has seen this necklace on me has told me they loved it and I love it even more. Materials quality is good and it is adjustable.
  • Jaquanike williams - customerWednesday 16 July, 2014

  • Really like it!!! Nice!
  • loula - customerWednesday 09 July, 2014

  • Made well with an unbeatable price! Excellent gift.
  • Kayla Rosemond - customerSaturday 28 June, 2014

  • Really pretty!! I like how stable it is, it will not break easily. My friends always compliment on this beautiful necklace, thank you!
  • Olivia Matteo - customerMonday 16 June, 2014

  • Cheap packaging but overall pleased with the product
  • Brian Perez - customerFriday 13 June, 2014

  • Bought it for my sister in-law who\'s daughter Angelica, recently passed away. Getting ready to mail it to her. Hope she loves it as much as I do.
  • deborah - customerTuesday 03 June, 2014

  • Bought this for my daughter as a birthday gift and she LOVED it! Great size and very pretty
  • Maria Juarez - customerTuesday 27 May, 2014

  • This is a really nice pendant necklace and the chain isn\'t too short at all ( I was worried about that) it\'s a good length ..yeah.. I pretty much love anything with my name on it :D
  • Janice Soda - customerThursday 22 May, 2014

  • absolutely in love!!! I wear it almost every day! And the length of the chain was Perfect!
  • Aubrey - customerSunday 11 May, 2014

  • Came perfect!! In great condition no scratches or anything , perfect size necklace !!
  • Leisa Elisaia - customerWednesday 07 May, 2014

  • I LOVE IT !!!! I\'ve had my necklace since January of this year and must admit I\'m very impressed. I never write reviews good or bad , but honestly this deserves 10 stars !!! I\'ve never bought anything so cheap , with such great quality. I can smell Christmas gifts already !!!
  • Gabriella Toler - customerSaturday 12 April, 2014

  • If it gets caught wrong,it can be sharp. but its expected I guess?
  • Mirela Hysaj - customerFriday 11 April, 2014

  • It is a great necklace! Never put it in the shower.
  • Lily Najera - customerSaturday 05 April, 2014

  • Slightly larger than hoped, but nice for price.
  • Kristin Scholten - customerWednesday 12 March, 2014

  • I love my name plate necklace, it was a good price and great quality.
  • Jessica Handzus - customerMonday 03 March, 2014

  • i love it!!!! perfect gift for the perfect girl!!!
  • Kirsten Patterson - customerMonday 10 February, 2014

  • Exactly as described.
  • Gracie Henderson - customerMonday 03 February, 2014

  • I loved it
  • Kei - customerThursday 21 February, 2013

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